Since I was 11 years old photography has been a passion of mine.

I believe it’s a passion I carry through into my work today.

After leaving college in 1984, I have for all but 18 months, worked as a professional photographer, 7 years for others before starting up on my own in 1993.

Many years were spent learning film and processing, hours in the darkroom printing and now, all I do is digital. Its great to be in the light again!

I have invested a lot in the latest equipment and new technology, which allows me total control over the final images I deliver without having to rely on a third party, thus delivering images on time, every time.

The majority these days is delivered via broadband, with a DVD of images to follow the next day; although some clients even have prints!

I mainly work in the UK but have travelled world wide and always look at overseas projects with a keen eye.

From table top studio photography, set build or location ,if your on a tight budget or planning a whole campaign please contact me to discuss any requirements.